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A funeral can take the form in many ways.

A simple, no attend, direct cremation funeral service we offer at a total of £2000.00

This includes all external fees and plain coffin.

Basic funeral at a local crematorium.

Includes the following services:

•  All professional services
•  Removal and transportation of deceased into our care Provision of Hearse
•  Provision of our simple coffin
•  To collect cremated remains

External payments

•  Crematorium fee
•  Medical certificates for cremation

•  Ministry/ celebrant fee ( if required)

   Estimated from £ 3700.00 - £4000

Additional cost would be added if required:

•  Newspaper announcement

•  Floral tribute
•  Printed stationary.

•  Alternative coffin choice

If you require burial choice we would advise at time of need. Church services before or after may be added to this.

Coffin price:

Range from £295.00

Cremated remains containers Range from £42.00 to £250.00

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Fix the cost of your funeral directors services with a Golden Charter funeral plan.

Pre paid Funeral Plans


Holding Hands

Norman Trotman Hughes we offer the service of pre arranging your own funeral in the future. This takes away the stress and uncertainties that families have to face  when the time comes as to your own personal wishes. Our funeral plans are provided by Golden Charter - one of the UK’s largest funeral plan providers.

Fix the cost of your funeral directors services with a Golden Charter funeral plan.

We would tailor your requests exactly as you wish and provide you with a cost at today’s value. We would explain the options available and cost accordingly. It relieves your family of the stress and financial worry they may otherwise have to face.

These plans are available to everyone,regardless of age or state of health, so you will be accepted for a plan.

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The funeral director can give you a full list of what we can supply. These will be additional costs for product  and services, so you may wish to take care of some arrangements without involvement, or use another supplier.

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